Parish Life

Pastoral care, fellowship, and parish events that raise both the level of fun and funds, is essential to building relationships and a healthy and vibrant community.

Parish Life Team (Pastoral Care)

Our Parish Life team ensures the care of parish members through prayer, expressions of appreciation and concern, and visits. The Parish Life team ministers to our members and extended parish community through the prayer shawl ministry, visitations to Merry Heart nursing home and shut-ins, care packages to college students, gifts for our teachers and confirmands, and anniversary and birthday cards.

We have a dedicated group who meet with our priest on a monthly basis to discuss how to best care for the St. Dunstan’s community. For general questions or if you are interested in becoming part of this important ministry, please contact Jean Rich ( For questions about the Prayer Shawl ministry, contact Linn O’Hara (


We offer opportunities for fellowship throughout the year including our first Sunday brunches, the annual church picnic, Mardi Gras event, trips to ball games, and parties and gatherings for our children. Join us also for coffee and conversation following our 9:30 service!

The St. Dunstan’s Men’s Bible Study group meets in the Connie Lane Library on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month (except in August).  We read the books of the Bible (so far, the four Gospels, Thessalonians, Acts, and Father Clarence Sickles’ The New Ten Commandments) focusing on several chapters at a time. We discuss and share our understandings of what the Holy Spirit is saying to us in our daily lives, and how Christianity began and evolved.  We discuss our daily lives and increase our understandings of ourselves and each other.  We occasionally enjoy pizza dinners and invite Bible scholars to our sessions.  The seven of us (Tom Smith, Joe O’Hara, Dennis Piccirrillo, Ron Caras, Mike Augustine, Scott Sargent, and Sandy Zulauf) have gotten to know each other much better and are always ready to welcome new members.       


Additional support for ministry and mission is gained from several fundraising activities throughout the year. We host a Yard Sale twice a year which serves as a fund raiser and community building activity. We also sell Entertainment Books that contain discount coupons to area restaurants and retail stores and Grocery Store Cards. Other events in the works are a Silent Auction and a Spaghetti Dinner. If you are interested in participating in these opportunities, please contact the church office.