Weddings & Blessings

The Celebration and Blessing of Marriage / Civil Unions / Same Sex Blessings

The love between two people becoming one is a sign of God’s grace and love for all. St. Dunstan's joyfully celebrates couples who enter into life-long unions and desire the blessing of God and the support of the Church to help them fulfill the vows they make. As part of this commitment, it is expected that couples will be or become members of the church community.


Couples thinking about celebrating their marriage/civil union/same-sex blessing* at St. Dunstan's should meet with the priest as a first step before plans for the ceremony are made. It is expected that at least one member of the couple be a baptized Christian (not necessarily Episcopalian). If either member of the couple be divorced, divorce papers must be submitted for review at the time of the request and permission of the Bishop is required.  In the case of a new lifelong union that follows either a divorce or the end of a previous lifelong union, permission of the Bishop is required. A minimum of three months is required to prepare for the ceremony. Couples attend three or four hour-and-a-half long pre-marital meetings, followed by a rehearsal. It is expected that couples will regularly participate in Sunday worship as part of their preparation. All ceremonial aspects, floral arrangements, and musical selections are all subject to the approval of the Priest.

Any questions about financial expectations can be discussed with clergy during preparations. Financial contributions to the church and Clergy are used to fund various ministries of this church.